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10 Large Company Websites Built with Brio on Webflow

Discover how leading companies such as Discord, Dropbox Sign, and Slack have optimized their online presence and achieved outstanding results through the clever use of Webflow!

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Webflow Enterprise Website

Webflow, initially perceived as a simple landing page builder, has evolved considerably over the years to gain popularity in the web ecosystem. Although widely recognized in the U.S. as a solution that takes online visibility to the next level, in Europe, opinions persist that Webflow is simply a tool for creating sites for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Today, we're going to take a look at a list of 10 major companies that have put their trust in Webflow to overcome their constraints and get solutions that meet their needs.

1. Discord Blog

Discord blog developed with Webflow

Discord Blog needs

  1. Blog refresh: The Discord team wanted to revitalize the look of its blog, making it more attractive and functional for users.
  2. Migration from Medium: It was essential to migrate the blog content from the Medium platform to Webflow. This transition was aimed at taking advantage of Webflow's advanced functionalities.

Webflow support for Discord

  1. Extensive training: An intensive approach to training was adopted. This included in-depth training sessions to ensure that many team members were proficient in using Webflow.
  2. In-depth documentation: Comprehensive documentation was developed to serve as a detailed resource. This included step-by-step guides, FAQs and solutions to common problems, facilitating ongoing adoption and collaboration.
  3. Iterative process: The team followed an iterative process to adapt and evolve with changing requirements. This enabled the strategy to be adjusted in line with feedback, ensuring increasing mastery of Webflow.

Results Obtained with Discord Webflow

  1. Successful migration: The blog was successfully migrated from Medium to Webflow, preserving the integrity of the content while exploiting the advantages of the new platform.
  2. Brand consistency: Thanks to the adoption of a centralized design system in Figma, brand consistency has been maintained across the blog, reinforcing Discord's visual presence.
  3. Widespread adoption: By involving a large number of team members in the learning process, the use of Webflow has spread significantly, ensuring widespread use throughout the organization.
  4. Exciting Future Projects: The positive results have paved the way for exciting future projects, demonstrating Webflow's continued potential to meet the evolving needs of the Discord blog.

See the Webflow Discord Blog

2. Dropbox Sign

Dropbox sign developed with Webflow

Dropbox Sign needs

Dropbox Sign, formerly HelloSign, was facing internal challenges related to traditional web development processes. Collaboration between the design, marketing and engineering teams was hampered, leading to delays in updating site content and frustration within the team. In addition, over-reliance on engineers for minor adjustments led to bottlenecks, slowing down processes considerably.

Dropbox Sign Webflow support

Webflow stepped in as a transformative solution, enabling Dropbox Sign to free up its development resources. By moving from in-house development management to a Webflow Enterprise infrastructure in 2020, the marketing team gained total control over the website. This transition considerably reduced the number of tickets allocated to developers by 67%. Webflow also facilitated collaboration by enabling teams to work jointly on specific pages, reducing page build times from several weeks to one week.

Results from Dropbox Sign with Webflow

The results of this transformation were significant. Dropbox Sign was able to accelerate its development processes, launching new features and updating the site in just one week, compared to a month previously. Implementing Webflow also simplified complex tasks, such as the official brand transition from HelloSign to Dropbox Sign, which was completed in two months instead of several. In addition, the creation of an intuitive Resource Center doubled content downloads and publishing compared to the previous year. In this way, Webflow has played a crucial role in empowering Dropbox Sign, freeing up its teams to concentrate on more important and strategic tasks.

See the Dropbox Sign website

3. Rakuten SL (now ShipNetwork)

ShipNetwork site developed with Webflow

Rakuten SL's needs

When it came time to redesign their website, the Rakuten SL team chose Webflow as an alternative to WordPress. They were looking for a solution that would solve security issues while allowing them to build new pages faster. With over three years' experience on WordPress, the team was increasingly frustrated by recurring security issues and development-oriented workflows that resulted in high costs and long lead times for changes.

Webflow support for Rakuten SL

Tired of WordPress' security shortcomings and the costly delays associated with external developers, the Rakuten SL team undertook a thorough search. Webflow was presented as a solution offering improved security and greater control over the site. Despite initial concerns about Webflow's novelty compared to WordPress, the solution was approved as the most secure by Rakuten Global, making the choice easier.

Results Obtained from Rakuten SL with Webflow

Switching from WordPress to Webflow has saved Rakuten SL thousands of dollars in just a few months. Changes that would have taken 4-5 hours with an expensive programmer can now be made in just 20 minutes by the in-house team. Working with Webflow's design agency, AdLava, to migrate the site was quick, easy and seamless. The results after the switch to Webflow were spectacular, with a significant increase in site engagement, including a 12.7% increase in page views, a 27.9% decrease in bounce rate, and a 9.5% increase in new users. What's more, the Rakuten SL team gained an unprecedented level of control over its site, being able to make instant internal changes, thus eliminating dependence on external developers.

See the ShipNetwork Webflow site

4. Upwork

upwork site developed with Webflow

Upwork's needs

At Upwork, the marketing team needed a robust solution to support their real-time marketing efforts, a crucial tactic for staying ahead of the competition. Specifically, they were looking for a way to track brand and content updates, as well asspeed up the process of creating new pages. The team collaborated with Flow Ninja to find a solution in Webflow CMS, enabling creators and designers to add and edit directly on their live site, and publish pages with a single click.

Upwork Webflow support

The transition to Webflow CMS hassaved the teamtime, money and security headaches. With Webflow CMS, they can quickly develop new pages, make real-time updates without the help of engineers, and easily share resources with other team members for reuse. Molly Finn, Senior Manager at Upwork, points out that Webflow CMS has given them the flexibility they need to make changes quickly and efficiently.

Results from Upwork with Webflow

Before Webflow, updating pages to meet new brand guidelines or adjust text was tedious and time-consuming. Minor changes would take weeks through the standard Jira ticketing process, then require hours of engineering work. In addition, the creation of new pages depended entirely on the engineering team, making the process tedious.

With Webflow CMS, the Upwork team had unrivalled control over the site, allowing them to make instant internal changes without relying on external developers. Using Webflow CMS enabled Upwork to meet its needs for rapid updating and operational efficiency.

See the Webflow Upwork site

5. Fivetran

Fivetran site developed with Webflow

Fivetran's needs

Fivetran, since its inception in 2012, has evolved from a modest start-up to the standard in automated data movement. With over 5,000 customers worldwide, Fivetran offers a complete data movement solution, enabling data engineers to understand what works and what doesn't for a business. Focusing on the large enterprise market, Fivetran needed a powerful web-based platform to support its ambitious growth objectives.

Fivetran Webflow support

Fivetran initially encountered problems with a customized website, limiting modifications to engineers and hampering their agility. After a costly attempt with Contentful, Fivetran turned to Webflow Enterprise. The platform immediately freed up engineering resources, facilitated collaboration between marketing and design teams, and enabled rapid global expansion. In just three months, Fivetran migrated its entire site and created 30 new pages with the help of Webflow experts.

Results obtained from Fivetran with Webflow

Webflow dramatically improved the situation, powering all of Fivetran's business sites, including blog, solutions pages, SEO articles, and campaign pages. The creation of a scalable design system in Webflow enabled Fivetran's design team to reduce production time by 98%, from three weeks to one and a half hours. This autonomy also accelerated campaign creation, with over 130 new pages launched in one year. In addition, Fivetran's ability to localize its site quickly with Webflow Localizationpaved the way for global expansion without sacrificing speed or performance.

See the Webflow Fivetran website

6. Slack Brand Center

Slack brand center developed with Webflow

Slack needs

  1. Centralization of Brand Assets: Slack had a crucial need to centralize all its brand assets scattered throughout the organization. The multiplicity of information sources resulted in a lack of a single, reliable source of truth for brand assets.
  2. Secure Login Portal: The main objective was to provide a secure login portal for both internal and external providers. This portal was to offer personalized access to specific content based on users' e-mail addresses, reinforcing Slack's data security.
  3. Brand Consistency: A crucial need was to reinforce brand consistency by eliminating the proliferation of disparate sources of information. The creation of a centralized system had to be designed to maintain the consistency and authenticity of the brand identity.
  4. Simplified Technical Management: Slack was looking to simplify the technical and maintenance aspects of their new brand portal. The aim was to facilitate user access and enable seamless management in the Webflow environment.

Slack Webflow support

  1. Close collaboration with Zabal: Zabal has been a dedicated Webflow development partner for Slack, working closely with their team to build the internal and external states of their brand center. This collaboration also involved the Webflow Enterprise team.
  2. Building Connected and Disconnected States: Zabal played a key role in building connected states for Slack employees and disconnected states for external suppliers. The aim was to create a fluid and sophisticated digital experience, accurately reflecting Slack's identity and values.
  3. Excellence in Webflow Development: Zabal provided dynamic Webflow development, covering visual design, Memberstack integration, custom code, Webflow training and a global strategy to meet Slack's specific needs.

Results from Slack with Webflow

  1. 64 Components, 89 Sections, 29 Pages: The project resulted in the creation of 29 sophisticated pages with 64 components and 89 sections, demonstrating a depth of design and functionality.
  2. Brand centralization and consistency: The results showed a significant improvement in brand consistency thanks to the centralization of assets. Pages were designed to accurately reflect Slack's identity and values.
  3. Security and Access Management: The secure login portal strengthened data security while providing personalized access to internal and external users, enhancing the user experience.
  4. Autonomous and simplified management: Thanks to Webflow, Slack has achieved autonomous and simplified content management. Internal teams were able to make updates in real time, without relying on technical support.
  5. Excellence in Accessibility: The integration of Memberstack has enabled the creation of functionalities such as user profile management and access control, reinforcing accessibility and personalization.

See the Slack Brand Center website

7. Jasper AI

Jasper AI site developed with Webflow

Jasper AI needs

  1. Accelerated Growth Support: With's rapid growth, their marketing team was looking for a partner to accompany and support the growth and evolution of the product. They needed an in-house and outsourced development team to build landing pages, custom Lottie animations, illustrations, and much more.
  2. Effective product presentation:, as an AI-powered writing assistant, was looking to effectively present its product through various use cases. Their goal was to reliably and credibly demonstrate how can be used in different scenarios to help businesses create content faster.
  3. Reliable and Creative Partnership: As a B2B product, recognized the importance of being reliable and trustworthy. They were looking for a creative and reliable partner to help them present their product in different use cases, establishing a clear picture of how works and why it's the ideal tool for driving revenue.

Jasper AI Webflow support

  1. Partnership Started in 2022: Flowout became's development partner in 2022, offering unlimited Webflow design and development support.
  2. Creating Engaging Landing Pages: Flowout supported by developing responsive and engaging landing pages tailored to each specific use case. They worked closely with the marketing team to design pages that clearly communicated's added value.
  3. Custom Lottie animations and illustrations: Flowout has created custom Lottie animations and illustrations to enrich the user experience and make product presentation more dynamic.
  4. Site Speed Optimization: A key point of support was the optimization of site speed. Flowout ensured that the site achieved a high score of 98/100 on Google Page Speed Insights, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.

Results from Jasper AI with Webflow

  1. Creating Compelling Landing Pages: Flowout responded to's challenge by creating compelling landing pages that showcase the product's different features for various use cases.
  2. Optimal User Experience: Optimizing site speed and implementing customized Lottie animations helped deliver a fast, immersive user experience.
  3. Accompaniment to Series A: Flowout played a key role in's success, helping them attract traffic to their brand and secure $125 million in Series A financing at a $1.5 billion valuation.
  4. Ongoing and Creative Support: From landing page development to animating the funding announcement, Flowout has become the trusted partner of the marketing team, providing ongoing and creative support throughout their growth journey.

See the Jasper AI Webflow site

8. Aura

Site aura developed with Webflow

Aura needs

  1. All-in-One Online Security for the Family: Aura was looking for an all-in-one, user-friendly, online solution to ensure online security for the whole family.

Aura Webflow support

  1. Custom Development: Finsweet collaborated with Aura's marketing and design team to increase the efficiency of content delivery and give them control over design. They succeeded in reducing the product developers' dependence on Aura's marketing website development.
  2. Webflow integration: Finsweet used Webflow, a website creation tool, to enable the marketing team to customize the site without the intervention of developers.
  3. Design system: Finsweet has implemented a design system to ensure visual consistency and simplify the process of creating new pages.
  4. Webflow interactions: Finsweet used Webflow's interaction features to make the site more dynamic and interactive.

Results from Aura with Webflow

  1. Design control: Aura's marketing team now has total control over the site's design. They can make customizations without depending on the developers.
  2. Increased efficiency: Thanks to the integration of Webflow CMS, Finsweet has helped to increase the efficiency of content delivery, enabling the marketing team to update the site more quickly.
  3. Reuse of predefined components: The design team can easily change layouts and create new pages by reusing predefined components, speeding up the development process.
  4. Reduced Product Developer Dependency: Thanks to the solution implemented by Finsweet, Aura's product developers are no longer as involved in the development of the marketing website, freeing up their resources to concentrate on other aspects of the product.
  5. Key integrations: Finsweet carried out a number of key integrations, including an Elastic Search integration for help article searches, a Greenhouse integration for the job board, and the use of SwiperJS for slider functionalities. These integrations have enhanced the site's functionality.

See the Webflow Aura website

9. Pilot

Pilot site developed with Webflow

Pilot's needs

  1. Centralize Marketing Efforts: Like many start-ups, Pilot had its main website managed by a team of developers, who were also responsible for developing the main product, a finance and accounting software package for businesses. However, the marketing team found it difficult to quickly make changes to the main site, built with a collection of libraries and frameworks.
  2. Marketing Consolidation: Despite the success, the Pilot team knew that consolidating all their marketing activities under one easy-to-use website would unlock a new level of growth. They wanted to migrate their Wordpress blog, event registration pages to Marketo, and custom-coded website to Webflow.

Pilot Webflow support

  1. CMS migration: 8020 handled the migration by moving the Wordpress blog, Marketo event registration pages, and custom-coded website to Webflow. A thorough analysis of past and present pages was carried out to ensure a successful migration.
  2. Webflow development: The website was recreated in Webflow, enabling Pilot's marketing team to easily customize the site without the intervention of developers.
  3. Integration support: 8020 provided ongoing support to ensure smooth integration, and extended Webflow's functionality with custom code for specific elements such as rate calculators.

Results obtained from Pilot with Webflow

  1. Improved control: Pilot's marketing team has gained total control over the site's design. They can now make customizations without relying on developers, making it easier to manage updates.
  2. Increased efficiency: Thanks to the migration to Webflow, Pilot has seen a significant increase in development speed. From 2 to 3 pages per quarter to several dozen pages per month.
  3. Pilot CMS Pages: By focusing on the creation of CMS-driven pages, Pilot's marketing team can now create and manage large-scale registration and landing pages autonomously.
  4. Customization using Reusable Components: The creation of reusable components enabled Pilot's design team to easily change layouts and create new pages, speeding up the development process.
  5. Extending Webflow functionality: Using custom code, 8020 has extended Webflow functionality to meet Pilot's specific needs, such as recreating coded components, like rate calculators, directly in Webflow.
  6. Rapid deployment of marketing campaigns: After transferring the project to the Pilot team, they were able to quickly create new CMS-driven registration and landing pages, accelerating the deployment of new marketing campaigns.

See the Webflow Pilot site

10. Wave Accounting

wave site developed with Webflow

Wave's needs

  1. Website Refresh: Toronto-based Wave was looking to convey its renewed brand personality to its core audience. They wanted to refresh the look and feel of their site to better position their products as an integrated financial management solution, and make their brand more accessible to specific audiences within the small business community.
  2. Design flexibility: As part of the redesign of their brand, the Wave team needed a website solution that offered greater design flexibility. They also wanted to reduce dependency on development resources to give the marketing team more autonomy over the site.
  3. CMS optimization: Having worked with several CMS solutions over the years, the Wave team was looking to evaluate different options to meet their needs for flexibility, marketing autonomy, SEO and accessibility.

Webflow support from Wave

  1. CMS evaluation: After evaluating several options, including their existing CMS, the Wave team chose Webflow Enterprise to replace their existing solution. They also selected Webflow Enterprise partner 8020 to lead the site migration.
  2. Site migration: The Wave team knew they would need an agency to help them migrate to the new CMS. 8020 was chosen for its expertise in Webflow migration, as well as content management, development, project management and design adjustments.
  3. Migration objectives: In addition to rebranding, the main objectives of the migration included improving site speed, accessibility, scroll depth, and increasing site traffic and conversions.

Results obtained from Wave with Webflow

  1. Successful Design and Development: Following the successful roll-out of their new brand and the launch of the new site on Webflow, Wave and 8020 designed and developed 46 layouts, migrated 1028 site pages in total, and migrated 2444 pieces of dynamic content.
  2. Improved performance: Initial results show improved site speed, a 4% to 21% increase in organic traffic to key conversion pages, and a 6% increase in conversions from paid campaign landing pages.
  3. Greater autonomy for the Marketing Team: Today, content writers, designers and SEO managers can work within Webflow, specifically updating and modifying the content and pages they oversee.
  4. Extensive use of Webflow: The team has integrated Webflow into their ecosystem, enabling key members of the marketing team to access the editor to make small changes and updates, thus empowering marketing.
  5. Ongoing performance: Since the migration, the team has hired an in-house webmaster to continue optimizing the site on an ongoing basis, demonstrating their commitment to ongoing site performance.

See the Webflow Wave website

In short, the article highlights the successes of leading companies who have made the wise choice to adopt Webflow for their varied online needs, demonstrating the platform's ability to meet the complex demands of the business world. These testimonials underline the flexibility, power and positive results achieved by renowned companies thanks to Webflow.

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