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Optimise Google Ads landing page conversion with Webflow

You want to improve the conversion rate and the ROI of your Google Ads campaigns? A simple and efficient way to do it is to optimize your landing pages with Webflow! Webflow offers the best features (Customisation, Security, Performance,...) to allow you to succeed in your paid search campaigns!

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When you run a Google Ads campaign, it is important to have a landing page that is personalised according to the offer or advertisement you are promoting. Indeed, these pages will help convert prospects into leads thanks to the content they contain. You can therefore imagine that it is necessary tooptimise these landing pages as much as possible to have a high conversion rate. The formatting and content of these pages should not be taken lightly, otherwise it is like throwing money out of the window.

In our article, we will see why Webflow is the best solution to develop optimised, conversion-ready landing pages for your AdWords campaigns.

1. Customised landings for Google Ads

We are currently in an ultra-competitive world, and this is even more true on the web. It is important for a company to know how to stand out by following the trends. These trends evolve very quickly in the digital world. You have to be able to adapt quickly and be flexible.

On the web, you cannot afford to neglect the UI(user interface) of your pages. To convert, your landings must immerse the user in a world, in your world or the world of your sector. The user must be able to identify with the message that is going to be transmitted, but also with the design elements present on the landing.

Webflow allows this ultra-customisation. Webflow is a tool designed for webdesigners, so we find a multitude of features to build and design your landing as you wish. You can directly from the tool, drag and drop your elements and fully customize them. There is no limit to the design of your landing pages. What's more, you can completely adapt the design of your landing page to tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the cascading design system, you can create 2 landings for the price of one depending on the type of device.

Webflow has unlimited (or almost unlimited) design possibilities!

2. Responsive webflow landings pages

As we mentioned in the previous point, thanks to Webflow, you can fully manage the responsive nature of your landing. This is a point not to be neglected either because today, traffic on mobile represents about half of the world's traffic. Whether on computer, tablet or phone, your google ads landings must be able to convert. They must be mobile friendly.

Webflow is the perfect tool to manage responsive. The cascading system allows you to adjust your page according to the dimensions of a screen. Thanks to this system, you can modify the design of tablet and lower versions without impacting the design of your desktop version.

You can learn more about responsive websites !

3. Efficient AdWords landings with Webflow

We often hear about Core Web Vitals when we talk about web performance, but what are they?

Core Web Vitals are Google metrics used to rate a page or not (in addition to security, mobile accounting, etc.). Core Web Vitals include :

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP ): A measure of how long it takes to load the most significant or large element of a web page.
  • First Input Delay (FID): Measure of the time of interactivity (how long does it take for a user to interact with the elements of the page?)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measure of the stability of a web page (how long before all the elements of the page are in their "right" place?)

These elements are very important, they allow you to determine the average loading time of your pages. This time must be as short as possible to avoid a high bounce rate. In fact, a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load is equivalent to a bounce rate of at least 32%. To convert, your landings must therefore be fast and efficient.

To give verified facts, here is why we can say that Webflow is the right tool to develop your landings for Google AdWords. On the 3 graphs below, we see that compared to other technologies on the market, Webflow offers the best Core Web Vitals performance, the best Lighthouse score and one of the lowest weight per page. With Webflow, you maximise your chances of increasing your turnover thanks to a high conversion rate.

Core Web Vitals performance comparison by CMS
Website performance comparison by CMS
Source: HTTPArchive

Discover how to improve the on-page performance of your Webflow landings!

4. Secure landings with Webflow

We have seen previously that Google takes into account the security factor to appreciate a page or not. The security of a web page is essential if you want to promote your offers. You need to be able to reassure Internet users to convince them to register, pay online or fill in specific information.

Your landings for your paid search campaigns should create a reassuring atmosphere. This is already possible with the design phase by inserting reassuring elements, but there is more to it than that. Your site must also meet security standards, such as HTTPS registration or legal notices.

Fortunately, thanks to Webflow, you can have a 100% secure site. First of all, Webflow automatically generates an SSL certificate for you. Moreover, your data is protected with the hosting of your site on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Finally, Webflow does not suffer from security problems due to plugins present on other CMS.

Find out more about security on Webflow!

5. Optimised navigability in Webflow

The navigability of a website represents the architecture of your site, how you will navigate in it, its internal architecture. You may think that this does not concern landing pages, but on the contrary. Still with the aim of converting, your landing page must be navigable. There are several criteria for this:

  • Presentation / Content hierarchy (funnel strategy)
  • Organisation of content
  • User experience

In order to make your landing navigable, you will be able to act on different points in Webflow.

5.1 Optimisation of CTAs (Call To Action)

In Webflow, as in other CMS, you can add CTAs. They will allow you to redirect users to a specific location. In the case of a landing, they will surely lead to conversion. This is why you need to personalise your CTAs and place them in strategic locations.

5.2 Optimisations of Client Forms

The goal of your landing may be to convert through a form. Fortunately, Webflow allows you to customize all your forms and create several of them. We'll see it next, but in addition to that, with Webflow, it is possible to automate the reception of forms easily.

5.3 Content customisation

Of course, in addition to CTAs and forms, you can add any content you like to your landing. You can create very specific sections to take your prospects step by step to the conversion stage.

In itself, Webflow allows you to replicate a previously prepared UX in order to convert.

6. Tracking and monitoring your Google Ads landing KPIs

Even if Webflow does not have a directly integrated monitoring system, you can easily make integrations with the Webflow API. Thus, you can track all the data of your websites and follow its performance. You can use tools like Make or Integromat to connect your different tools (Hubspot, Slack, Airtable, Google Analytics, Adsense, etc.) to Webflow. You will then be able to see how profitable your Webflow landing is for your business.

Now you know why you should choose Webflow to develop your landings and especially for Google Ads, to have a quick and good return on investment (ROI)!

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