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Build to Grow: Building an agency with a long-term strategy

This is already the 300th video on our YouTube channel, and to mark the occasion we wanted to do something new. But what would it be?

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Build to Grow with background created by Midjourney

This is already the 300th video on our YouTube channel, and to mark the occasion we wanted to do something new. But what would it be? We asked ourselves, we thought about it, and...

We decided to introduce a new concept: Built to Grow.

Concept, which we present to you today.

1. Build to Grow: The genesis

In 3 years, the agency's development has enabled us to :

  • Working with hundreds of people from different sectors,
  • Meet lots of people,
  • Travel to different parts of the world...

And above all → Learn about a whole host of subjects.

And although since the beginning of the adventure we have been actively documenting and sharing our learning with you on various platforms: Blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (Ex:Twitter)...

We realized that we share a lot around :

  • Figma
  • Webflow
  • Inside DigiWeek

But very little about the actions we take on a daily basis to build a long-term strategy to create a "successful" web agency.

And that's what we'd like to share with you in this new content concept.

2. Objectives of the Build to Grow format

2.1 For you : 

  1. Learn from our experience, our organization and our processes. 
  2. Discover (with our vision) how to develop an agency over the long term.
  3. Perhaps inspired by the lifestyle of a remote agency?

And as a bonus, we sometimes get to go behind the scenes of our adventure and discover the DigiTeam from a new angle, through our passions and our management of pro + perso (which are in fact intimately linked when we set up a company).

2.2 BtG objectives For Digidop : 

  1. Branding: This new content will allow us to humanize the channel and further develop the Digidop brand,
  2. Gain visibility with a wider reach than "How to Webflow & Figma",
  3. Develop partnerships (sponsorship, tools or customers)

🎁 Having fun and creating memories

3. How are we going to achieve these goals?

→ Share value - ALWAYS - in every episode.

(1) Episode 1: Intro + Miami: Timing is everything

We're currently in Florida, and we're back for episode 1 of Build To Grow. For this episode, we're going to spend a weekend together in Miami and take part in UFC 299, where Frenchman BSD fights Dustin Poirier in a co-main event.

Good timing to try and introduce our channel and our content to a new audience, surfing on the MMA trend.

Lesson from this video: The importance of timing

(2) Episode 2: Coming soon...

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